What Is A Neck Beard?

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In the world of internet culture and online communities, the term “neck beard” has become a colloquial and sometimes pejorative way to describe a particular style of facial hair growth and associated stereotypes. In this blog post, we will delve into what a neck beard is, its connotations, and why it has gained notoriety in certain online circles.

What Is A Neck Beard?

A “neck beard” refers to a specific style of facial hair growth where a person allows hair to grow predominantly on their neck and chin, often neglecting the rest of their face. This style typically results in a beard that is disproportionately located on the lower part of the face, particularly the neck, while the cheeks and upper lip remain clean-shaven or sparsely covered.

Key Characteristics Of A Neck Beard:

  1. Sparse or Absent Cheek Growth: One defining feature of a neck beard is the absence of facial hair growth on the cheeks. The person may have a thick, noticeable beard on the neck and chin, but the area above the jawline remains mostly hair-free.
  2. Untamed and Unkempt: Neck beards are often associated with an unkempt appearance. The facial hair may appear disheveled, uneven, or irregularly trimmed.
  3. Lack of Definition: Neck beards typically lack the well-defined shape and symmetry commonly associated with well-groomed facial hair styles.
  4. Overlap with Stereotypes: Neck beards are often linked to stereotypes related to social awkwardness, poor hygiene, and a perceived lack of self-care.

Connotations And Stereotypes

The term “neck beard” carries certain connotations and stereotypes that extend beyond the mere style of facial hair. It is important to note that these stereotypes are generalizations and do not apply to all individuals with neck beards. Some common stereotypes associated with neck beards include:

  1. Social Awkwardness: Neck beards are sometimes linked to social awkwardness or a perceived lack of social skills. This stereotype may arise from the idea that individuals who grow neck beards are more introverted or less socially adept.
  2. Gaming and Internet Culture: Neck beards are often associated with avid gamers and enthusiasts of internet subcultures. This stereotype is reinforced by portrayals in media and popular culture.
  3. Lack of Grooming: Due to the unkempt appearance of neck beards, individuals who sport this style may be stereotyped as having poor personal hygiene or grooming habits.
  4. Misogyny and Entitlement: In some cases, neck beards are stereotyped as being associated with misogynistic attitudes or a sense of entitlement. This stereotype is often rooted in negative online behavior.
  5. Fedora Wearing: The image of a person wearing a fedora or trilby hat is sometimes associated with the neck beard stereotype, although not all neck beard enthusiasts wear these hats.

It’s important to emphasize that stereotypes should not be used to judge or generalize individuals based on their appearance. People’s grooming choices and interests vary widely, and making assumptions about them based solely on their facial hair style can be unfair and inaccurate.


The term “neck beard” is a descriptive label for a particular style of facial hair growth characterized by a beard concentrated on the neck and chin, with minimal growth on the cheeks. While it carries connotations and stereotypes related to social behaviors, grooming habits, and interests, it’s crucial to remember that these stereotypes do not define individuals. Just as with any aspect of personal appearance, individuals should be recognized and appreciated for their unique personalities and qualities, rather than being reduced to stereotypes based on their choice of facial hair style.

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What Is Considered A Neck Beard?

In its truest form, a neckbeard is achieved intentionally by shaving all areas of the face above the jawline, leaving a beard that exists solely on the neck. This style is pretty dated, but beards that walk a thin line between patchy beard and neckbeard have sprouted up over the past decade.

What Is The Difference Between A Neck Beard And A Full Beard?

Neckbeard is when you shave everything except whats on your neck below your jawline. Full beard is when you shave your neck below your jawline and have a beard above.

Is It Ok To Have A Neck Beard?

If you let your neck area stay untrimmed, it’s possible you may feel like you’re looking scruffy and messy. Mostly, it’s not the “scruffiness” that’s the issue, because let’s face it, all beards are dope. It’s the doubt that can creep in and dent your confidence if/when you get looks and comments (especially at work).

Why Do Guys Grow Neck Beards?

As history has shown throughout the last few hundred years, some men have grown out their neckbeards because of religious reasons or because they couldn’t afford to maintain cleaner facial hair. Likewise, some men opt for a neckbeard because they lack the ability to grow facial hair on their actual faces.

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